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The ant is probably the most commonly seen and found insect in the UK, from the humble black garden ant to the more problematic kinds such as Feral and Pharaoh ants that will routinely set up hives inside people’s homes. While ants aren’t dangerous at all, they can be a nuisance and will explore ever part of a house, trying to find food such as grease, sugar or leftovers.

Black or red ant nests in your garden aren’t something that you should be worried about – they form a vital part of the ecosystem and won’t pose any threat to you, your family or the structure of your home. It’s when a nest is formed inside your home that you need to contact us to arrange for an effective treatment.

It can often be difficult to tell if an ant infestation is coming from a nest within the home or whether ants are entering from outside. Thanks to the size of ants, they can form nests and hives in places that are usually inaccessible, and the entrances to their hives are very difficult to locate, since they can be inside walls or between floors.

Cleaning away food items, properly disposing of garbage and covering up potential entry points for ants will usually keep infestations away from your home. Conventional measures such as insecticide and boiling water will easily deal with a nest of common ants that you can find in your garden if they are becoming a nuisance, but home-dwelling species are far harder to deal with.

If you do manage to locate a hive and choose to deal with it yourself, the only options available to home-owners are stop-gap measures that don’t tackle the root causes of the problem. Attempts at applying over-the-counter pesticides to a hive will often only damage it rather than destroying it, which causes the ants inside to panic and to split up. This then forms further hives in more locations across the house, actually increasing the ant presence.

A full ant infestation requires a professional treatment – home-owners who take matters into their own hands will often find themselves scrubbing multiple ants from kitchen surfaces only for more of them to appear minutes later.

Our technicians will accurately locate the nest – or nests – inside your house, and rather than using simple trapping and baiting methods that only catch some of the ants, our technicians go after the hive itself. This can be very difficult without a proper knowledge of locating ant nests, and it often requires an understanding of the different habits of different species of ant, which dictate where they choose to build their nests and the conditions they prefer to live in.

Here at Manchester Pest Services, we are familiar with all the most common types of ants that can be found in Manchester and Cheshire and the best ways to deal with them. Our technicians are also more than happy to provide advice and guidance on how to ant-proof your property and what may have caused the infestation in the first place.

If left untreated, ant infestations can place severe pressure upon your peace of mind and your wallet. Don’t let these pests make your life a misery! Manchester Pest Services has had years of experience in removing ant nests from properties across Manchester and Cheshire and our technicians can deal with your problem in short order.

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