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A cockroach infestation is probably the most dreaded of all the insect pests that can enter your property, due to their perceived hardiness and connotations of poor cleanliness. Sadly cockroach infestations are difficult to treat and are becoming more common. They pose a significant risk to health as they can carry several diseases and contaminate food products easily. For commercial and food industry premises, a cockroach problem can be disastrous and have a huge negative impact on your reputation as well as regulatory and financial implications.

With years of experience in dealing with cockroach infestations across Manchester and Cheshire, we are able to treat any issue effectively and remove the stress that you feel when confronted with these insect pests.

What should you be looking for if you suspect a cockroach problem?

In the UK the most common types of cockroach are the American, German and Oriental breeds. All three will look similar – a rather large insect with characteristic flattened bodies and small heads, usually yellowish, reddish-brown or black in colour. Cockroaches are winged but do not fly, instead using their wings and legs to produce a distinctive clicking sound. They can also be identified by the strong sour smell of their faecal deposits.

Cockroaches are nocturnal and will hide during the day in cracks and crevices close to any food source. Kitchens are the most common location, however they can also be found in other warm and moist locations such as boiler and laundry rooms. They are omnivorous and can eat almost anything, including human waste, but will prioritise starchy and sugary foods.

Unfortunately, cockroaches are excellent climbers and can quickly spread throughout a property. They breed rapidly and once established it can be difficult to remove them entirely. It is therefore very important that you take the following action to reduce the risk of an infestation, particularly in commercial properties:

  • Check air bricks and ventilation grills are in place and intact, but do not block them.

  • Block any access points around gas, electricity, water, heating and extraction pipe work.

  • Restrict food sources by storing food within rigid containers.

  • Sweep up food spillages immediately and don’t leave uncovered food lying around.

  • Regularly clean under kitchen units, appliances and in any other areas where food debris and grease can build up.

  • Regularly remove rubbish and place in strong bags within a secure external bin.

Once our technician has arrived at your property and assessed the scale of the problem, he will begin treatment using traps or insecticide gels and sprays. The treatment will begin to kill the cockroaches immediately, however we would recommend an ongoing monitoring and treatment plan to ensure full eradication and control, particularly for commercial premises.

Manchester Pest Services should be your first port of call when experiencing a cockroach problem anywhere in Manchester or Cheshire – we have the skills, the knowledge and the tools to eliminate the outbreak quickly and efficiently.

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